Review, Reflection, and Planning Meeting of SPCSN

Social Protection Civil Society Network (SPCSN) organized ‘Review, Reflection, and Planning Meeting’ on 22 & 23 December 2019 at Himalayan Horizon Hotel, Dhulikhel. The meeting had endorsed the Directives of SPCSN until registered and mandated to the respective members to choose a new Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson for 3 years.

The meeting started with opening remarks of Ambika KC, Deputy Chair of NASCIF, and Ex-Chief District Officer of the Government of Nepal. Similarly, Nabin Maharjan, Programme Coordinator of SPCSN shared target vs. achievements of the SPCSN including an area of improvement and opportunities. It is also realized that this year SPCSN has achieved 95% of its’ initiatives (programmatic and financial) through its’ members’ active participation. This year, the team was able to bring a new partnership with the WSM. Hence, there are some opportunities to collectively and collaboratively engage with other donor communities.

The meeting chaired by Badri Prasad Bhusal who shared zero drafts of the directives of SPCSN. This includes the process of receiving a new membership, dismissal of membership if 6 meetings are not regularly attended by its’ members and funding criteria to strengthen the network and among others. During the feedback session, Bishwa Ratna Pun, Project Manager of Save the Children shared some opportunities for SPCSN to work in social protection however, SPCSN should come with creative ideas/ programs through their capacities. Mr. Bhusal shared the provincial structure of SPCSN which will bring amicable changes in social protection. These structures are the foundation to oversight transparency and accountability of social protection in local units i.e. Municipalities and Gaunpalikas. Similarly, these units will be supportive in identifying the needs and challenges of their program implementation. The meeting concluded by agreeing in major sections to be discussed and decided by a next day meeting. On the 23rd of December 2019, participants of the meeting realized the vibrant discussion on the SPCSN’s directives. The founding member of CWISH, Shanti Adhikari had shared some areas of improvement in the preamble of SPCSN guidelines to relate with the Constitution and relevant laws and policies in social protection. The President of JCYCN, Tilottam Paudel shared his ideas to combine and mandate for a new membership that will be sustained through its intervention in provinces.

Similarly, Bishwa Pun, Project Manager of SCI shared the draft of the Advocacy Plan of SPCSN. She had mentioned some area of improvements in social protection that is yet to be addressed. Hence, SPCSN’s role will be lobbying with federal, provincial and local governments to strengthen their qualitative and quantitative growths through policy advocacy. In this way, SPCSN can contribute to launching new programs and partnerships with the respective governments. Furthermore, she elaborated on some ways of partnership with provincial governments and contribute to enabling a favorable policy environment for citizens.

Hence, expert consultation is required to improve its’ preamble and will be endorsed by the next meeting of SPCSN, she concluded. The majority of participants shared their expert knowledge while drafting it and made some corrections in elaborating. Gopal Thapa Magar, Chair of CSRC, Gyanendra Paudel, Executive Director of Tuki Association, Dolma Tamang, Chair of MANK, Ambika KC, NASCIF, Gyan Bhakta Maharjan, M&E Coordinator of Looniva Child Concern and among others had collectively opined on formal registration of the network to enable autonomous structure and implementation of its initiatives. Lastly, 19 participants of the event had agreed and endorsed the Directive of SPCSN, 2076 until it’s formal registration. This Directive has then opened a new gateway in electing New Executive Committee Members to take further actions in the coming days. However, the preamble of the directive will be endorsed by 8 January 2019 during the regular meeting of SPCSN.

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